Lazy people lives matter

Disclaimer: This post is not in any way trying to encourage laziness. However, there are ways we can even make progress and be consistent amidst our laziness. 1.Accept! My dear first of all accept you are lazy and take it like that dear. Accept and tell yourself you are willing to change. But since you won’t change overnight. Follow these steps […]

One importnat thing you must do in 2021.

  Whoosh! It’s a new year. I have not been seeing “Vision 2021” and general posts on making the year productive. What’s happening? Are we scared? No, don’t be. PS: There is good news at the end of this post. You have probably taken your time to read articles, journals, videos, podcasts on what to do and how to set […]

You are the reason I made it this far.

Happy New Year Fam. I  guess we should have a name by now. I’m grateful for 2020. This should have come earlier but I couldn’t even decide on how to write it. Words seemed to fail. I would send a broadcast on Whatsapp pp those days and the response was always breathtaking. I  don’t like broadcast messages myself. I felt I […]