7 keys to praying effectively.

I’m just going to assure you that there are as many tips as you can have here.

So if one doesn’t work for you, I’m sure the other ones will do.

When I first started to learn how to pray, there was this one tip I got from almost everyone I asked, but rather unfortunately, it didn’t work for me.

The tip was great but it just didn’t work for me. The tip goes like this; see Jesus as your friend and you will always want to talk to him. I loved Jesus but no! It was not working.

This prayer thing takes more discipline than just butterflies in your stomach and songs of love to God. I’d like to quickly say that if you are not praying for up to an hour daily, God is not mad at you. And nobody took your salvation, okay?

To be honest, sometimes I don’t pray for an hour at a stretch especially on days I wake up really late.

Some days can just be like that; however I get to catch up later in the day. If Jesus prayed, then I must pray James 5:16.I’m very sure this tips will help you a whole lot.

It has worked for several people so you should not be an exception.

Grab a chilled coke. Let’s dive.

1. Understand God’s nature and character:

God is love and his thoughts towards you are of love. God is not letting you waste your energy by praying.

If he’s not going to answer, he won’t say you should pray. Our Father is always listening to us.

He’s always interested in what we have to say to him.’Will Jesus hear me’? isn’t the question. The question is “will you pray”? 1 John 5:14

2. Understand the gravity of not praying: A preacher once said “God will not do anything on the earth if men don’t pray.

You are God’s agent of change and you need to get strength through prayer.

If you don’t pray, you won’t harness all of God’s intention for you. You will live below who you are.

You will be prone to falling into temptations. And you don’t want that, right? Matthew 26:40. Did you see what was released yesterday? The bisexual superman.

Dear believer, do you still even need other tips?

3. Pray in the morning: Yes, I know there might not be any specific time designated for believers to pray according to the bible but this advice is very helpful.

Don’t just pray in the morning, make prayer the first thing you do each day.

Many people say that once they miss their morning prayer, they have most likely missed their prayer for the day, or they find out that they pray for a shorter time than they should have prayed.

4. Pray in the spirit: To pray in the spirit is to pray in tongues.

You can get bored while praying or you may not even know what to pray for again when you’re praying in your understanding alone.1 Corinthians 14:26.

5. Pray with purpose.Don’t just pray for rituals’ sake.There’s a way you pay more attention to something when there is a purpose in mind.

You know how you read when exams are close. So pray because you genuinely want to talk to God or because you want to intercede for your land.

You definitely don’t want to be sleeping on people’s destinies.

6. Have prayer aids: Get earphones, get great songs, a journal and probably a partner.I downloaded some prayer chants by Folajimi Lawal on YouTube because when that woman of God is praying, my dear, you will want to pray.

Remember that the real you loves prayer but it’s just your flesh that’s weak.

As regards your prayer partner, make sure you both pray individually as well as cooperatively. Tell the person to wake you up at a definite time.

Stand up and don’t sleep back. I have people that did this for me.

7. Follow a prayer circle: One thing that keeps me long in prayer is the fact that I have many things to pray about and I pray about them separately.

Toke Ola p

I want to pray for my school, my disciples, my friends, my family, my mentor, my enemies and classmates. I also want to talk to God genuinely about some things too. I want to confess God’s word over my life.

Then I remember that there’s a program in church that I need to pray about, then there’s my pastor who I ought to pray for. And then, I also want to worship.

Trust me, by the time you’re done checking off this list, one hour would have flown past.Study the word, listen to messages, and follow the news.

There are times when I would be casually strolling the streets of Instagram and I would start praying. Oh, the darkness😭!At this point, sisters, let’s talk. How will I open IG and everything I see is breast?

Ha! Cleavage everywhere! I’m not sure that those of us that dress decently are up to 20% anymore. Some of you dress decently, but just for one dinner or one outing, you yield yourselves to the devil.Your body is where God lives oh.

The evil in this world can really lead you to pray but this is conditional advice. Don’t do it if you can’t carry it oh. Lastly, for those in Nigeria, I saw a prophecy about Nigeria by Tomi Arayomi. I think you should listen to it. It’s available on the Rignation channel on YouTube.

If you need someone to help you pray, you can send me a message. I’m willing to help.

Till I come to you again, stay alert and stay jiggy. Stay prayed up!


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  1. I love how you Carry this Jesus thing in a world where everyone is either talking relationship or Money.

    Thanks for taking it upon yourself to help our prayer Life, I do not take it for granted.

    Keep doing great for the Kingdom.

  2. See sis, this piece is a priceless gem💯. That prayer circle is the banger. Moreover prayer is not only an activity its also a state of mind. A ceaseless communication link with God. You just have to learn to tune to God’s frequency for you.

  3. thank you for this beautiful piece,and I love the fact that you hinted that we do not have to beat ourselves up if we do not actually pray for 1hr stretch,though this should not be an excuse not to pray…
    I have another useful tip; no place or time is ever awkward to pray,that is, even when you are in class,walking in the street,in the bathroom,cooking,at play time,whatever time and place,if you feel the urge to pray,just pray in the spirit,you do not have to be so loud about it most especially if you are in the midst of other people,you can just pray in the spirit under your breath…it helps to build the consciousness of constant prayer and communication with God.
    Once again,thank you Modupe for this beautiful piece,this is really helpful at such a time like this…P.S: I miss those prayer times😌

  4. Thank you so much sis! Very helpful piece! Can always come back when one needs a reminder! True there are a lot of things one can pray about and truly, knowing God loves one and works on earth through men keeps one in prayers. Thank you again. God bless you!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. Thanks so much for this powerful piece. Prayer circle, that hits and it’s one I so much desire!🥺
    Prayer Circle << Power Circle🔥

  6. I really enjoyed reading this.
    I love how it is applicable to our every day life.
    Keep up the good work and God continually fills up your well of wisdom

  7. What a beautiful and awesome piece! Those tips are indeed useful for all men, and i pray for more understanding for men, prayer is actually a necessity for every believer. we do not stop to pray in order not to become a prey. Kudos to the Admin. Shalom.

  8. It’s easy to encourage people to pray and even get them fired up in a meeting or a believers gathering but the continuity and consistency afterwards is even more important.
    I love that you were able to give very essential and practical tips that will help believers individually, get them up and praying all the time on their own, this isn’t common.
    Thanks alot for this post, you are doing a great job


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