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What are you doing with your time?

“Time “is what everyone blames their misfortunes, laziness, and inadequacies on. If only time could talk I’ll have loved to listen to a podcast from time.
Funny and hilarious and maybe just maybe “time” will have to cry pleading to people not to tarnish its image.


You got that right.


Ask the young girl why she has not done her assignment, she will tell you “time”. Ask a matured man why he couldn’t meet a deadline he too would say “time”
Ask someone why she has refused to crush her goals.
Your guess would be as good as mine “time”.

Till eternity “time” will take the blame.

Time is the greatest asset man has and it is to be used wisely. Time is an investment and one that should be taken with so much respect.

So let me ask you
What are you using your time for? The excuses of the masses who justify their current situation is based on a false assumption that they have no time.


You have failed to realize that time isn’t the problem at all, our plans are, our priorities are.
Maybe we aren’t just setting things right. Maybe we just have to refuse all our false ideologies and get to do something with our lives.


So how do you get effective?

Make a plan and set priorities. You will be shocked at how fast your life is taking shape.
Let’s be real with ourselves 24 hours a day is enough.
But most times we don’t channel those 24 hours to the right thing. We don’t take time to prioritize our goals and plan our lives.

Most times its just laziness and in such cases get yourself things that will put you on the track. Set deadlines and be accountable by someone.


If you don’t get your priorities right it just shows you don’t want this bad enough, maybe you’re just all talk, maybe you’re just lazy and you don’t realize, well the time has now come to step up to the winner’s table, bring your A-game, because if you’re not putting in the time and effort every day then you’re not going to see any changes take place in your life.


To win in life, to win in business, to win in marriage, to win in academics you have got to take one thing very seriously.

Your time.


Permit me to put it this way “what are you doing with your life?”
If I told you that time is life would you take me more seriously?
Do you know that every second you do not spend well is removed from your life?


Time is life. Time is wealth.

Rich people don’t joke with their time. Don’t let people hold you down. Respect your time and let others respect it too.

Successful people don’t joke about their life.
Cut your sleeping hours and get productive. Seek and get knowledge about anything good you love. Be a master at what you are doing.
Maximize your time.


Time is actually not moving. We are the ones moving.

We are the ones getting older.

Get to work!

I know this is a little bit harsh but it’s one of the sacrifices to pay to be successful. I care about your success and I want us all to be successful.
But we won’t reach the height till we discuss “time”.

By the way, to make this effective I’m setting up an accountability group for all our family members. You can extend it to your friends that need it. Click here to send a DM.





13 thoughts on “What are you doing with your time?

  1. 😂😂😂😂

    I would love to listen to the podcast also

    True true..

    Most times we think there is no enough time. We don’t just manage it well.


  2. Thank you very much💗. More grace to function well in Jesus’ Name🙏🏾
    I really love this💯
    Time management is a major factor for growth
    #Time management❤

  3. I think you just woke me.
    I need to be.more accountable with my time and fish out those things I’ve neen wasting my life on.

  4. Very apt!, couldn’t have been better said. Time is life, but then again, health is life too. Some of us might need to take that break at intervals, just to be fit for the never ending tasks. Working smart is key too.

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