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It’s barely eight days but you can’t even tell what you want to do this year. You are so confused and probably scared of the steps you want to take.



I’ll plead with you to read this post till the end because reading one without the other might leave you with further confusion.


I know you are expecting a better year but it saddens my heart to break it to you that, the year in itself may or may not be better, depending on how you go about it.

It tends to be worse since the end of the world is destruction. So by default, each coming year is more likely to be worst than the previous ones.


As bad as 2020 was, it was some people’s best year while it was really bad for others.


The Bible makes us understand that trials produce better things in us(James 1). In case you’re confused and emotionally downcast about all that is happening, Cheer up because I’ve got good news for you.


You’ve often heard people say “you can’t move without shaking your head

So you’re thinking how can I do things right in 2021?
How can I move in 2021 doing the very right things I’m meant to do?
How can I stay perfectly in God’s will?
It’s no other answer than being led by the spirit of God.,



You know how the spirit never makes mistakes for once and the spirit is in you as a believer(Gal 4:6, Eph 1:13)
Staying in God’s will for your life involves you always paying attention to the spirit and obeying Him.


This is how to be certain that you are never wrong at any point.

How you can be led by the spirit of God is a broad topic that I won’t be able to go deeply into here, but I’ll recommend Kenneth E Hagin’s book(How you can be led by the spirit of God).


I’ll briefly talk about some tips that can help you make better plans this year;


Most of us have been in a situation where we were once confused about what to do and what not to do. That’s totally okay. If you don’t know what exactly to do, don’t freak out. You already know one at least (preaching the gospel).
If you didn’t know, now you know.


One very important step to getting a solution to the problem is attending a good local church.
You want to be able to pay attention to the leading of the spirit or any other thing like; functioning in the gifts of the spirit, healing, and preaching more effectively.
Find yourself a good local church to attend this year, and if you can’t find one around, the world is now a digital place, tune in to a good local church message or service. There is something about the association that spurs you to do likewise.



2) Prayer: Pray about the decisions you are about to take in 2021. Your decisions can either make or mar you. Take care of the year in prayer. Prayer brings clarity on matters. Through prayer, you are positioned well to receive instruction(s) from God. Pray in faith; It’s very important. To pray without faith is to rant to Jesus and no positive outcome comes from that. Someone once told me “The Lord will always make his purpose known to man”
So have it in mind that God wants you to know and this can be done through praying in Faith.



One of my mentors asked me a question using an analogy.
“If I and my friend are 6m apart and he wants to tell me something and he is not allowed to move close to me, what will he do?”
My response was that “He will have to shout, and If I move 7m away from him, he will have to shout louder for me to hear”
The same applies to God. When it seems like we are not hearing God or not closer to him. He will continually try to reach you through various means.


  1. Let’s make it more practical. So you go to church, your neighbor edifies you and says A, you go elsewhere you hear b, you are going through Instagram you see AA, you visit a friend you hear AZ, you chat up a friend she says BAz

What is consistent?
A right?
That’s most likely it because everything will align itself till you get the point.



:3.Prophecies: if you are someone that takes note of prophecies. This will help. So you go back to your prophetic book. Try to connect the dots. What did God say at this time? Is it lining up with the step you are about to take?
What inference can you draw from there? Don’t turn it upside down oh. Don’t turn it to “juju “oh
The thing you are confused about has most likely been prophecied about earlier.



4.Motive: If it is a step you want to take, ask yourself; why am I doing it?
Is it steaming from a place of love or a place of envy?
Is it urgent?
Can it wait till you are sure of what you want to do?
By simply asking the “motive” question, a lot can be deduced. Just asking these questions settle the bulk of the problem.


5.Seek spiritual advice: Seek spiritual advice yeah. But don’t go around asking everyone. You might get more confused. Meet someone you trust. You might want to give them the details about what is going on.

Open up to someone you trust.
It can be a mentor, a cell leader, a good friend, or a classmate. Don’t go for a multiplicity of counsel.



All in all, always remember that God is more willing to talk to you than you are ever willing to hear.
Just be attentive and you will hear.
By the way, Instructions may not always come as loud and audible voices.
Sometimes it requires a high level of sensitivity

Please note that all these tips are not to be used in isolation.



Let me just talk about the watchword in this post

All this together gives you a watchword.
Watchwords are received in devotions sometimes otherwise). They are major pointers to prophesy.
It can be scripture or a word just like we have for churches.
However, it’s good if you have yours personally.
So they are prophetic words that majorly summarises your year and what God wants you to focus on.

I hope you have received clarity. Still, need more explanations?
Please DM.


If you want to receive the life of Christ and want to say yes to Jesus. I assure you that would be the best thing that ever happened to you.


You have to believe the Lord Jesus Christ that he died was buried and crucified for your sins.

If you have any questions ask me.


If you have believed Welcome to the family but please DM!



By the way a very big shout-out to Dami. Thank you for editing this post.

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