God aired me!

Ewo, see cobwebs on our blog!
Yes, you read right. “Our”, because what’s the blog without you in it?

Firstly, this is not Modupe writing to you. It’s Dara 😤. Modupe is resting at the moment. The 7am-6pm life is draining.

I know I have a loving nature (self love😅) but I really have to take tutorials from you guys. You’re so loving! How do you do it?


Where do I start from? (as though I’ve not started😅).

*Thinks deeply*

I know I said I will be more formal with my writing this year but abeg! It’s been a while.
I have missed the sincere conversations here. I miss waking up to your comments. I miss waking up to random comments from people I don’t know at all. I miss feeling like a celebrity 🤣.

I remember all the memories we shared here. If you’ve been here since the validations post, say Hi.
Una be real gee!
I can’t even lie, I’ve missed you. I’ve missed writing to you so much that I’m going to keep this date in my journal so I never forget .

LOESL(laughing out extremely and sarcastically loud).

I’m laughing this hard now because if I had kept the date I bought this domain then I wouldn’t have had to laugh so hard about a week ago. I allowed the domain name to expire right before my eyes then, when I saw the price for its renewal, I couldn’t help my laughter .

Is this where my blogging juorney is going to end? Am I even sure I’m impacting you? If I don’t do it won’t somebody else do it?
All these questions and more rang in my head. I know these questions are familiar. You must have found yourself asking these questions too but you know what? Nobody is going to do it like you do it. So, still do yours. You are a voice. Your world needs you.

I’ll love to tell you a story about myself. I feel like this blog post is none of your business. I mean, why should I possibly choke you with my life’s puzzles.

Wait, where was I? Oh yes, my moment of laughter. That moment made me remember how I was lying on the hospital bed, sick, watching as the nurse fixed the first drip and then the second, the third and the fourth, plus a few injections. The nurse had no chills because the injections hurt like mad.
For some reason it felt God had forsaken me😭. For records sake, this was my first time I would take drips in my entire life.
I felt like it was the weirdest time to be sick. Prior to this time I hardly fell sick. That time I didn’t even know much of my realities in Christ let alone confessing them.

It’s worse when you’ve got just one more day to your exams and your mates are reading but you have to travel down home because you had been confessing “my case is different”.
Now, the difference is clear.

I looked at the drip more intensely while simultaneously looking at God as though he were standing and giving a weird smile. Trust me, I thought of many things. But, amidst it all, I laughed because deep down I knew that God didn’t (doesn’t) cause things like that.

If you believe(d) God is responsible for things like that then it’s okay for me to welcome you with a first timers song.

You are welcome (3x). This is a family of love where we talk about faith and lifestyle.
It’s obvious you don’t know me and you probably don’t know the Lord.

Asides him not causing sicknesses, he’s not happy with it. He doesn’t want you sick .
Read James 1:17 if in doubt and check through the book of John for additional references. Anytime evil comes your way, fight it because it’s not from the Lord.

Remember God isn’t airing you. He actually hears you. (Dupe see rhymes. You’re too good).

Let this stick, “we prepare for war in the time of peace”.

Finally do you think this is, Dara or Dupe? Tell us why you think so below.

Till I come your way in the next two weeks, stay jiggy.

Happy new month🔥.

To get more information about the subject matter . Search  “God aired me “ by Emmanuel Iren.

Please reach out to me if you need someone to share your thoughts,burdens and anxiety with.

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  1. Never fail to disappoint! Never knew you were sick, sorry love ❤️
    Welcome back 🙏🏾😃. 2 seconds everywhere burst

  2. ‘We prepare for war in the time of peace’ ; very true, not a stranger to the topsy-turvys of hospital but when God’s on your team morale gets high and you cant help but get cocky.

  3. Marvelous! Great write-up, sis! I was blessed and reminded of God’s love and blessed and pure intent to us! Thank you! Keep writing! God has blessed you!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  4. Wow…Our blog is finally back..💃💃
    This is a really nice writeup and I remember the time you were ill…God is really faithful and he stays true to His word always💪🏼


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