5 Instagram accounts you should follow for the best relationship advice.


Hello friend.


You are so amazing. I saw the love and the energy you gave to my last post. I was elated. I was like “who am I that thou are mindful of”?😅

For real you are the best. The checkups, the words of encouragement, and the cheers have helped a lot. It’s one of the things that keep me going. I’m sending you a lot of hugs from here. Don’t leave me.

Today is for relationships. Mehnn! I love relationship talks(well, who doesn’t?). My heart aches when I see people in toxic relationships due to that I created this super duper lit list of amazing people for you.

I feel they will be good for you so here it is.

Are you stalk with an ex?
Are you bitter from your past relationship?
Are you single and searching or probably you’re just available but you’re not searching like me😅?

Anyone you belong to, this post is definitely for you.

If you have a friend that needs this please don’t hesitate to share.

God is interested in every area of your life (academics, businesses, relationships, marriages, and many more).
Therefore in every sphere of life, he has children who can guide that particular sphere.
Here, today I listed 5 people you can follow for sound relationship advice as a believer.


This is not a junk of relationship speakers, this is a list of people I follow.

I would have shared more but for sake of authenticity, I’ll share those I’m very familiar with their teachings. Let’s just stay with this.

However, it’s your personal decision or wish to follow or not follow them. I just brought out a list of the ones I feel will be a good one to follow in case you might eventually need them.

You can check them out on their social media pages and if you then if you feel it’s worth it. Then please do.
However, we all are not completely without flaws.

1.Pastor Kingsley Okonkwo is a global sound preacher of God. He has vast knowledge in relationships.

He is passionate about marriage and making it work. He is the senior pastor of David Christian center. He and his wife wrote a book called “A_Z of marriage

. He is married to Pastor Mildred Okonkwo, the leader of just girls global. The Lord has used them to guide and instruct many relationships both Christian and non-Christian.
For relationships advice, you can easily follow them on Instagram @kingsleypst


2.Pastor Laju iren: Pastor Laju is a wife, mother, and writer. She is the wife to lead pastor of celebration church global.

She is blessed with two children Nadia and Edima Iren.  She is a mentor to many young ladies and even guys.

She believes courtship is the time to love intelligently and marriage is the time to love blindly. She is a published author of six books. Her best-selling book”dating intelligently” is a complete guide to having a good dating relationship.

She uses her youtube channel to interact and attend to questions that people do ask frequently.

Follow her  @lajuIren


3.Paul and Morgan. Paul and Morgan hold a show on their YouTube channel. They are a godly young couple who have decided to show us Christ.

They give answers to questions people don’t want to talk about in relationships through their YouTube channel.
They run an Instagram account. Follow @paulandmorgan


4The winlos: A young creative couple that makes skits that address relationships.
The young couple utilizes creative drama to pass across God’s word to people. They have a Facebook page, a youtube channel where they share comedy skits to guide people in the faith.

They are also active on Instagram @thewinlos


5.Bibi and Busola Ikotun: Their Instagram page “no b without bb“. is a platform where they discuss having a successful Christian relationship with their focus being long-distance relationships. Although both Busayo and Bibi are more active individually on Twitter.

They got married after Busayo shot his shot in Bibi’s dm on Twitter. After proper evaluation of their beliefs and values. They started a long-distance relationship and are married today.
On their Instagram platform they discuss how  Christian long-distance relationships can work.

Click here to follow their Instagram page.

I hope you finally have at least one person you can follow to get yourself prepared for marriage and also to get answered to your unending questions

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Your sister


Till christ be formed in us.

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