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Disclaimer: This post is not in any way trying to encourage laziness.
However, there are ways we can even make progress and be consistent amidst our laziness.


My dear first of all accept you are lazy and take it like that dear.

Accept and tell yourself you are willing to change.

But since you won’t change overnight. Follow these steps diligently.

I was trying to check google on” how to leverage on my laziness.”.
Google won’t agree. They want us to be hardworking overnight and if you see the crazy deadlines.
3 days, 4 days, and some 5 days.
Google you know what?
Don’t worry I will figure it out. I have figured it out and I thought to share.
See how nice I am. I deserve prizes.

You know you have to work despite your laziness.
I’m lazy, oh but I want to tick my boxes.

2.Dont compare yourself: You know your friends are hardworking yet you want to do the same thing they do.
Recognize your uniqueness. If they are on a 20 days challenge.
Make yours five. Don’t worry you will get there soon.
So set short-term goals. Hardworking people are not your mate.
Be humble

3.Maximize your peak periods: I know you are not always like this. You have moments you are always very active.
You have to maximize it.
During those periods cover-up for other times.
Write 6 blog posts, shoot 3 videos at once.
Design all the flyers.
Just expand your energy at once and do what you have to do at those peak periods.

4.Know how it works for you: For me if I want to get myself to do anything I just need motivation.
So I can walk up to a friend or try to read a book. I just need an extra push to do what I want to do.
You need to find out what puts you to work and always go for it.

The “you “I have been using there actually includes me😂.

My dear “Lazy people’s lives matter”.
For real we are some of the best people on earth.
We don’t work because we want you to get a job. We are just being patriotic
.We deserve huge prizes.

I hope this helped you. In the long run, we have to develop ourselves and stop being lazy.

You know right.

12 thoughts on “Lazy people lives matter

  1. Yeah, you people’s live matter, but the job has to be done in any case. I personally think it is easier to be lazy in our generation. There are a lot of side attractions that living life in this age and time offers.
    I can’t even keep up with all the social apps, I have always known I can’t be on the likes of tik tok and some other irrelevant ones I can’t remember.

    How about the numerous interesting season movies that are released every other weak, Hollywood, Nollywood, Bollywood, Gollywood. I would be very gullible to try to keep up. Ain’t nobody got time for that. I can’t be distracted, although I tend to distract myself once in a “green moon” to pamper myself with what I call a “beautiful distraction”. But I am still always conscious that I have work to do.
    We all need to be deliberate about getting things done because that is what eventually guarantees our personal development and progress in life.

    1. Yes very true hence the disclaimer at the beginning .In other words, it could have read “What to do when you don’t feel motivated” 🤣

      I appreciate your comment sincerely.

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