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It’s a new year. I have not been seeing “Vision 2021” and general posts on making the year productive.

What’s happening?
Are we scared?
No, don’t be.

PS: There is good news at the end of this post.

You have probably taken your time to read articles, journals, videos, podcasts on what to do and how to set out on the new year which is a great step on your part.

It means you’re already on track concerning what I’m about to tell you.
I posted some questions on Twitter and my Whatsapp status on the last day in 2020.
They were just random questions on how the previous year has been.

One that struck me was people’s response to this particular question.
Were you able to tick off your 2020 goals?”
Most people didn’t have goals not to talk about writing.

I was shocked. My daddy made all of us write our new year goals and submit them to him for accountability.

But that’s not even the issue today.
It’s something more critical than writing or even setting goals.

There’s still something more important than doing all of that.

So what is that one big thing everyone must do?

Nothing will make sense if you write your goal without being intentional about it.
Being intentional involves you making your goals your priority.
It’s deliberately making out time to achieve it.
I plan to be more intentional with my blog this new year.
I’m not going to be less busy than I was in 2020 but I’m going to make out time for it even if it means burning the midnight candle.

Maybe you are already thinking ” How do I get INTENTIONAL this year?

1.Make realistic goals: I remember when my friend was telling me how he used to be pressured with new year goals.
He would write a whole list but will not be able to tick anything off from his new year goals.
I didn’t even hesitate before I asked “Were they realistic goals?.
I could just tell that his goals weren’t realistic. As much as possible make sure your goals are realistic and achievable.
I understand if you are using faith though. (chuckles)

2.Write it down: One of the ways to do strategic planning is to write it down.
If something comes that you treasure you write it down.
That explains why we write sermon lesson.
We treasure it.
Writing it down says a lot about how you see your goals.
It also keeps it in your remembrance
The dullest pencil they say is sharper than the smartest brain.

3.Tell it to someone.: Okay, Hold on!
I know you have big goals and you are keeping them from your village people.
However, there should be at least one person you can trust.
Give your plans to them and let them hold you accountable.
It will go a very long way. Trust me, especially if it’s someone you highly refer.

4. Keep a planner or a journal: Kejournal journal is a very cute and interesting thing to do aside from the fact that it is very useful.
You can keep a food journal, Bible, prayer, habit tracker, holiday planner, and all.
It helps you to keep track of everything you want to do.

5.Set short term goals: My friend and I are presently on a reading challenge.
It spans till the end of the month.
Normally we are expected to read a book per month but we realized it’ll be better if it’s a daily plan whereby you read about 5 pages per day.

Firstly, you will be eager to read because you aren’t pressured by the volume of the work. After all, it’s just 5 pages.

Secondly, we can easily call ourselves to order since we have to be accountable daily.

6.Finally put your mind to it: Let it stay in your consciousness the things you are set to do.
Don’t forget even as you have personal plans the bigger picture is God’s plan for your life.

You will still go to God in prayer so you can know and align yourself with the plan he has for you.

In 2021 cheers to winning more souls for Christ, cheers to the following peace with all men.
Cheers to trusting God with all our hearts.
Cheers to progress
Cheers to winning 🏆

Do you have a watchword for the year?
Do you know how to get one?

Please reply I want to know if I should still do a blog post on that.

Good news
Guess what?
This blog is open for advertisements. I’ve been looking for a way to appreciate you all this while.

I’ve always been passionate about seeing small businesses grow.

I’m really glad this is coming this year.
Imagine the feeling of having your business on a website with different people constantly visiting.
Do you have a brand you want to promote?
Don’t miss out on this opportunity at all you’ll be sleeping on a bicycle.
It’s strictly first come first serve guys.

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28 thoughts on “One importnat thing you must do in 2021.

    1. This is my first time here as I saw your link randomly but I must say it’s worth the read 🤭🥰 ans you have a new listener for the year.Do have an amazing year Modupeoluwa

  1. Consciousness is what I want to practice more this year and putting all my trust in God..

    Being intentional💯

    Beautiful piece..

    Always coming through ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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