God aired me!

Ewo, see cobwebs on our blog! Yes, you read right. “Our”, because what’s the blog without you in it? Firstly, this is not Modupe writing to you. It’s Dara 😤. Modupe is resting at the moment. The 7am-6pm life is draining. I know I have a loving nature (self love😅) but I really have to take tutorials from you guys. […]

You are the reason I made it this far.

Happy New Year Fam. I  guess we should have a name by now. I’m grateful for 2020. This should have come earlier but I couldn’t even decide on how to write it. Words seemed to fail. I would send a broadcast on Whatsapp pp those days and the response was always breathtaking. I  don’t like broadcast messages myself. I felt I […]